Pizza + Party reunited. In restaurants that celebrate pizza’s iconic place in American culture, we serve award-winning pies. Our ingredients are sourced to support the singular flavor profiles of our pizza. We use as many locally grown inputs as is practical.  Vegetables are farm fresh and ordered daily. Uncured smoked pepperoni is free of anti-biotics and added hormones from vegetarian-fed pork. Sausage is locally sourced made from lean pork shoulder butt and seasoned with fennel. Our dough, sauce and pepper flakes are made from scratch on premises. We take pride in featuring artisanal and traditional pies with updated flavor profiles for today’s health-conscious lifestyle.

We believe in the power of pizza to bring people together. We think of our stores as celebratory community spaces- places where friends meet, first dates connect and everybody pizzas. Our dream is to build a world of pizza hubs; locations deeply rooted in their neighborhoods where high-quality pizza is served in approachable and fun environments.

Thanks to the creative design and master finish carpentry skills of co-owner Ryan Anderson, our restaurants exist in singular spaces that are celebrated. For Pizza Brain’s restaurant and Museum of Pizza Culture, Ryan brought to life the collective vision of the store owners to create a must-see Philadelphia destination- a home to pizza culture. 

"[Anderson's] flawless repurposing of Pizza Brain's 150 year old rowhouse property into a pizza museum has made Pizza Brain a must-see destination in Philadelphia."

Matador, Conde Nast Traveler, Guardian UK

For Pizza Dads, Ryan took cues from mom & pop pizzerias and borrowed from the television set color pallettes of the 1970s and 1990s to create a vibrant space.  Selected wood, metal and formica laminant materials are comfortably familiar, but presented in an updated manner.

Pizza Brain and Pizza Dads are independent companies run by a team of individuals that together have over 70 years of restaurant, management and marketing experience.

Joseph Hunter

In his role as executive pizza chef, Joe has created a menu that has gained widespread culinary recognition.  Our pizza pies have earned numerous awards including three Best of Philly Awards (from Philadelphia Magazine, CitySearch, Philadelphia Weekly). Our pies are on numerous national "best lists," including Eater's "21 Hottest Pizzerias in America" and Daily Meal'sTop 10 Pepperoni Pies in America”. We also maintain high customer ratings on Yelp, Foursquare and Google Plus

Michael Carter

Michael manages day-to-day and strategic planning and restaurant group operations. He leverages his nearly 20 years of global sales and marketing experience to develop the sales and marketing channel strategy for Pizza Brain Restaurants.  Under his guidance, Pizza Brain's business model earned recognition as one of "America's 50 Hottest Businesses" (Business Insider).

Ryan Anderson

In his capacity as head of property development,  "[Ryan's] creative design and master finish carpentry skills combine to create singular spaces that are celebratory and celebrated.  His flawless repurposing of Pizza Brain's 150-year-old rowhouse property into a pizza museum has made Pizza Brain a must-see destination in Philadelphia" (Matador, Conde Nast Traveler, Guardian UK).