December 11, 2012


In this December’s issue of Philadelphia Magazine, the cover story reads, ‘Why We Love Philly: The traditions, oddities, foods, sounds, landmarks and characters that make us deliriously happy to call this place our own.‘  The issue then proceeds to list the Philly 76.

We’re pleased to announce that we made it onto said list, right at no. 64.

“A city is characterized by its people—its celebrities and politicians, its businessfolk and proletarian masses. And also by its weirdos: the freaks, the iconoclasts, those who rise above the daily clamor simply by the volume of their crazy…”

To be officially grouped into the weirdos, freaks, iconoclasts category by Philly’s no. 1 magazine is a huge honor – and to be ranked higher than ‘rowhomes’ and the ‘Broad Street Run’? Dang. Finally. Take that, rowhomes!


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