February 29, 2012

postcards & fanny-packs

The current press surrounding our pizza brain project has really thrown us for a loop. Yesterday we noticed that Yahoo! News Philippines picked up our story. And today, we wanted to inform you that The Malaysian Insider and Fastservice Entree Amsterdam has taken interest. We’re scratching our heads, too. But there it is, plain as pie.

Perhaps pizza brain will someday be a crazy tourist attraction. If so, we better start designing those custom-made postcards and fanny-packs we’ve been talking about.

In addition to that wildness, yesterday Brian was voted ‘the #3 redhead in Philadelphia‘ by His pale, white ginger cheeks have been blushing ever since.

The past few days sure have been exciting and fun, but when you get right down to it, the most enjoyable part is trying to open a community-minded pizzeria for the city we love so much. But the only way to do that is to raise the rest of our $15,000 goal on kickstarter.

So help us do it by continuing to spread the word – and by dough-nating, of course.

FACT: If every person who has ‘liked’ our kickstarter page so far (342 folks) decided today to give $30, we would be 100% funded.

So let’s do this. For pizza’s sake!

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