February 24, 2012

pizza brain = also popular?

Wow. About 15 minutes after today’s earlier post , a little news publication known as The Huffington Post ran a story about our project on the front page of their food section. Needless to say, our phones, facebooks, tweet decks, twitterpacks, reddits, courier pigeons and email inboxes have been filling up with interest and back-pats ever since.

To quoth the late great Ray Arnold…

All this love and support has astounded and confounded us.

Stay tuned, because all this attention has inspired us to tell you a bit more of our story – a story about who we are and what we’re really excited about accomplishing with this whole project (aside from the obvious ‘pizza museum’ aspect).

More details about us coming soon. In the meantime, google ‘pizza museum’ and have fun sorting through the mess!

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