March 19, 2012

Philly Neighborhoods Spotlight: Fishtown. East Kensington. Pizza Brain

Philadelphia Neighborhoods and a super nice chap named Matt Wargo recently put together this piece on what we’ve been up to in our neighborhood.

Doesn’t Mike look exceptionally good-looking on camera? We happen to think so.

And in other Pizza news, we’re just under the two week mark for our kickstarter campaign! Time to kick things to the next level. In that spirit, we just released this in-depth explanation as to what, exactly, we plan to do with the $15,000 should we successfully raise it.

As of this post, 529 people have liked our kickstarter page. Only 209 have dough-nated. Help fill in the gaps, pizza family. If the remaining 320 people gave just $12 measly dollars, we’d be 100% funded! 

Dough the right thing er’body! Let’s bring it home.

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