Less than 60 hours to go on our kickstarter. Yes, it’s true. We’re approaching the end of the road. But what a wondrous journey it’s been! The hundreds upon hundreds of individuals who gave money, re-posted, blogged, vlogged, tweeted and spread the word via mouth was staggering, touching and just flat-out heart-warming.

So what to do in the final hours?

Here’s a thought: If you have any aunts, uncles, cousins, pep-peps, step-peppers, grandchildren, great uncles, grandparents, guidance counselors, friends, enemies, parole officers, and/or oil refinery tycoons out there who might want to help us build our museum…well now’s the perfect time to tell them about this project!

If they have any doubts, just show them the following video. There won’t be a dry eye in the house – maybe.

PLAY BALL! ~ team pizza brain


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