February 27, 2012

kickstarter week 1 recap

Wow. What an amazing start to this thing – and we owe it all to you! Our kickstarter campaign received an astonishing amount of love and support in its opening days. We’re so very pleased.

* being Friday’s lead food story in the Huffington Post

* receiving multiple follow-up articles in media outlets across the US from local NPR and Fox affiliates, to blogs like UwishunuSlice & ArtInfo

*ranking amongst the most popular new kickstarter campaigns

*attracting attention from donors around the country


Much was written about our efforts to create the world’s first pizza museum and restaurant. As of today, we’ve received pledges totaling just over 30% of our goal – and only 6 days into the campaign!

Over the next several days, we’ll update you on our progress.  We’re also going to share more about what we mean by being a community-driven, socially-minded pizzeria. As we enter into the critical phase of our fundraising efforts, after the initial attention abates, we’re going to need your help to tell others the full Pizza Brain story.  So stay tuned!

In the meantime, keep spreading the word on our campaign. If you have any money you’d like to dough-nate, we’ll graciously accept it.

We’d like to leave you with a quote from the comments section of the Huffington Post article left by a reader named Sighcology. He writes:

“This is not just about a collection of pizza memorabilia, but also about urban renewal and community. These creative entrepreneurs/artists understand the importance of form leading function. Much like Steve Jobs in his garage—-They are going to do more for the Fishtown community than any dominoes or chain could ever do.”

Thanks Sighcology, we feel the same – and are excited about the greater mission of Pizza Brain.  We’re sure as you learn more, you will be too.

Keep increasing the piece guys.

Love, us

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