March 4, 2012

heart-explosion alert

caution: before reading the following post, we suggest grabbing the nearest tissue box or handkerchief – things are about to get emotional.

Earlier today, Pizza Brain’s youngest known philanthropist ‘Olivia’ gave $4 of her hard-earned allowance toward our kickstarter campaign.

So, yeah, we’re just going to go ahead and let our hearts explode out of our chests now. Ouch.

Thanks to her (and like-minded, pizza-supporting humans like her) we’ve raised an astounding $9415.00 as if this post. That’s 62% of our goal! And we’re only into day 12 of our campaign.

Not sure if you know about things being ‘totally bonkers’, but this is one of those things.

Can we reach $10,000 by Monday? Give what you can, tell your friends and enemies to do the same, and let’s find out.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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