Fake Ray Ban sunglasses from Aliexpress

Cool list of Ray Ban sunglasses from Aliexpress

Time to order fake Ray Ban sunglasses from Aliexpress. The spring is almost upon us here in Europe, and that is why I make this post with cool Ray Ban sunglasses from Aliexpress. With the many hours we spend in the sunshine, we want to make sure to protect our eyes against the sun’s glare and simultaneously look a little smart. It’s time to buy a pair of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses that you can wear when you go to the beach or just out to enjoy the good weather. Sunglasses have become a must in most homes, and it is rare to meet someone who does not own a pair.

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Why buy fake Ray Ban sunglasses?

Because most frankly they are as cool as the real ones and with cheap replica sunglasses we do not need to run around and be careful all the time. We can tolerate forgetting them on the beach or sitting on them. Finally you can afford to buy many more different pairs. It gives more freedom not to continually go and think about what you must not do to take care of your sunglasses. A single small scratch can be disastrous and very annoying regardless of the designer shades you run around with. So replica Ray Ban sunglasses are a good choice in many ways!

Price range for replica Ray Ban sunglasses on Aliexpress

The price range is around 1-30$ for a pair of replica shades. I recommend to pay over 10$ per pair because the price and quality go hand in hand. And after all, you want to protect your eyes from the sun. Cheap replicas might not offer protection and can be more dangerous than protective. Most pictures on Aliexpress of replica Ray Ban sunglasses are without the logo because they are actually not allowed to sell counterfeit products. But you will receive them with logo but chat with the seller if you are in doubt.

Ray Ban Wayfarer Aliexpress

Probably the most popular pair of fake Ray Ban glasses right now. There are several shops that I could recommend but I have always received some extremely nice shades from C&C glasses brand store which is a very reliable store. They offer UV protection as well. The pics does not show any Ray Ban logo but the shades come with it.
Ray Ban Wayfarer Aliexpressfake ray ban wayfarer

Ray Ban Clubmaster Aliexpress

I actually don’t own a pair of Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses but my friend bought a pair from Ray Ben P Sunglasses (which has been closed now) and they really look genuine. The shop also sells nice Porsche sunglasses. I could not tell the difference from their Clubmasters at a pair of genuine. The shop has a high positive feedback (96,6%) which is a good indication of quality. The sunglasses offer uv protection as well and is one of the highest grade replicas you can buy.
Ray Ban Clubmaster Aliexpressreplica ray ban clubmaster

Ray Ban Justin sunglasses Aliexpress

Ray Ban Justin sunglasses are similar to the Wayfarer model but bigger. Looks very cool and I have a pair from Aliexpress that looks genuine. I have had the fake RB Justin sunglasses for around a year and still no problems with them. The shops in the link beneith have a very good feedback score.
Ray Ban Justin Aliexpressfake ray ban justin

Ray Ban Aviator Aliexpress

The Aviator sunglasses are one of Ray Ban’s all-time favorites. I found Adonis Store which is a top rated (2 diamonds) shop that sells these. I have ordered a pair from them yesterday and I hope they look as cool as they seem. They sell many other nice fake glasses as well.
RB AviatorRay Ban Aviator replicas

There are many more cool Ray Ban models but I think these are the coolest. Do you disagree or you can’t find the model you are looking for, please ask me and I will try to help you. Check out more Ray Ban sunglasses at Aliexpress – HERE.

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