March 29, 2012


Good day everyone, and thanks again for your continued help and support! As of this post, 302 people have doughnated their hard-earned mulah to help us build our place.

We feel very loved.

Now, we’d like to continue this update by cluing you in on a little known fact:

When our campaign ends on April 1st – in 4 days – 10% of the donations you’ve given to pizza brain will go directly to kickstarter and amazon. This makes total sense of course, because that’s one of the primary ways they sustain their own businesses – but it’s just another reason why continuing to spread the word is important to us.

As of this post, we’re at $15,638 (which is wonderful), and if we can raise an additional $1,000 in the next 3 days, we’ll actually receive the full $15,000. Moreover, whatever we can raise on top of that will go toward much needed structural improvements to our 19th century storefront.

What your generosity has funded for us so far:

lighting (external and interior)

monitors for the museum

furnishings (handmade tables, chairs, etc.)

cabinetry and shelving (for museum pieces)

the ability to construct a digital museum archive database

What additional funds raised in the next 3 days will help cover:

kickstarter costs

structural improvements (facade work, new flooring)

new plumbing

new electrical system

HVAC (heating, venting & air conditioning)

Every extra dollar raised beyond our goal will be applied toward kickstarter costs and, once those are covered, structural and system improvements to the building itself. Your continued donations will further fund all items needed to help get the doors of the museum open.

Keep spreading the word. We would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading everyone.

~ team pizza brain

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